Score a little more money in your wallet


Welcome to our month long buy less plan! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

Day: 19

Product: I put this product on a special day because it is so near and dear to me… or for how far and worthless it is to me. There is a product, or group of products that sucks anywhere from $700-$1500+ yearly from people, just for the sake of entertainment. I dare say that this hobby demands more time/attention/money than any other.

As Brian Regan would put it, “Go, my favorite sports team! Go! Score a goal, unit, basket… go squadron do good, defeat the opponents soundly in the skirmish.”

Yes, that kind of dedication requires lots and lots of money.

Let’s see. You have to buy a jersey to wear on game day or you’re not a true fan. A foam finger (or a cheesehead) gives you even more credibility as a dedicated supporter. You need snacks to eat, a large TV and a special cable package. Then, at least once a year, you have to buy tickets to a game. You travel to the game where you eat a $5 hot dog. This is one expensive hobby.

And for what?

Every year it’s the same plan. Players who rarely live in the city they play for are paid exorbitant amounts (which many do not know how to handle) and do their best to out-sport the other teams.

There are injuries and dramas to suck people in (I didn’t know so much time could be spent talking about PSI in a ball or how often one gets on a knee.) Every newscast devotes a chunk of every broadcast just to tell us about the current sport dramas.

The watchers are encouraged to engorge themselves on as much dedication to “their” team (based on where you used to live or go to college)while tearing down supporters of opposing teams; who support a team simply because they used to live or go to college near where “their” team is located.

Add alcohol to the mix and you can get riots. Riots! Just because some people they don’t know personally played a game better than other people they don’t know personally.

You know what I suggested instead? Go out and play with your family and friends. Put together a league or just kick around a ball with your 7-year-old. You’ll get a full entertainment experience including some good exercise.

Plus, we could all do with a little less professional drama.

Reason: You want to be responsible for everything under you control. The more stuff you have the more you have to be responsible for. Let’s go back to the feeling of when we were kids and we just had one room of ‘treasures’ and not 15.

Suggestion:  Today is my birthday… thank you, thank you. Today I got to do my part to help people live with less. The “people” is me and my family and what I was able to do was say, “no gifts please.”

Though of course I didn’t say that. I don’t need to at this point, my position had been given once or twice before.

It is great not to have to worry about giving hints or being excited over a mediocre gift. It’s also great to not feel guilted into keeping something that isn’t of use to you.

So why not try to start the shift? Release those you love from the pressure of giving you a gift. Tell them, “I love you and I would prefer you don’t buy me a gift.”

I can’t say it wasn’t odd at first. You can’t shift to non-gift giving without someone having to go first and feel like their being a cheapskate. It was easy after that.

If you can agree to a balance of no gifts either direction it’s easy all the way around.

Now, the silver lining is that when you happen to stumble on that perfect gift that reminds you of your friend/family member, you can buy it and give it to them for no reason. It’s so much more special.

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