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Welcome to our month long buy less plan! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

 Day: 17

Product: An easy way to hemorrhage money is to willingly let a company hit up your account every month in the name of entertainment. Magazines, product of the month clubs, even budgeting programs can all suck money long after the initial dazzle that drew you in has worn off.

Don’t let them lie to you about that dazzle. If their product is really that great they won’t need to rely on an automated payment plan to get your money every month.


It’s just so very easy to say “no” to subscriptions. Cancel any you have out there and then just don’t allow any more to creep in. Subscription entertainment is at the bottom of the entertainment barrel.

Reason to buy less: Several products always require you to buy MORE products in order to use them. Not only are they clutter, they’re a drain on your wallet.

Suggestion: I know I’ve been pushing hard against advertisers. I know I sound paranoid and distrustful.

Billions of dollars (as much as 10 billion) is spent every year by advertisers to get into your wallet.

Be wise. If you are familiar with their tricks you can make a fully informed and not manipulated choices.

Beware of lighting, signage, anything. It’s all very carefully designed to make you want to buy. If you are aware you are much less likely to fall for it.

Do a bit of research today and do a bit of less buying later.

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