A slightly warm idea


Welcome to our month long buy less plan! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

Day: 11

Product: Here’s a novel idea. When you’re looking to buy less stuff, think about anything you buy. How about stuff that’s pumped directly into your house?

It’s the middle of November. For a lot of people that means that it’s getting cold. It’s been warm and it’s hard to make the transition. Time to turn up the heat! Not so fast.

If you turn up the heat now, when the temperature drops more you’ll have to keep pumping in more and more heat to get to that nice comfortable temperature you’ve kept yourself used to.

If you don’t turn up your heat now you’ll feel a little cold. You’ll have to bust out the fuzzy socks and maybe that sweater your grandma made you. Then you’ll move on. When the weather gets colder yet it won’t be too bad. You will feel a little cold but you’ll be used to feeling a little cold then the feeling will pass.

You will save money, save the environment, be tougher, be healthier, and even be more appreciative when the warm weather comes back around again.

This weird kid is wearing a sweater his great-grandmother made. And he's still happy as a penguin.

This weird kid is wearing a sweater his great-grandmother made. And he’s still happy as a penguin… in a party hat… at four o’clock.

Reason to buy less: We have limited space. Sure we can buy more space but the keyword there is “buy.” The more space to store your stuff, the more you have to shell out. The less you have, the less you spend both to buy and to store the stuff.

Suggestion: Have you noticed how many limited time offers are out there? We’re so often faced with the problem of having to make a decision quickly or losing out on a deal.

Not long ago we were gearing up for a big home renovation. I think we were reroofing something. (We’ve reroofed something we own every year for the past four years: Rental home, home, vacation home, garage. I think we’re finally done for awhile. Oh, I forgot about the shed at the vacation home. Drat. Well, we’re good at it now. ) Anyhow, Mr. WW was rushing to purchase the supplies, “Menards has that 11% off sale going on now. I think it ends on Friday, we have to get something now.”

I gave him the “are you serious?” look.


“Haven’t you noticed? Either they will extend the sale last minute or it will be back within a month.”

And I was right and I was happy to point it out. Since, every month I’ve been able to say something along the lines of, “Oh, did you see that Menards has everything 11% off now? We better go buy something quick!” It’s hilarious. I’m sure he thinks so.

The point is that the limited time offers are meant to throw you off. You don’t feel you have time to fully think through a decision so you rush it. It’s a ploy. And since it works it has to happen over and over and over again. (Try going to Visa Print. You’ll see, there’s always a deadline.)

Don’t buy it! (The stuff or the idea that you need it right away.) If you really do need it you can get it the next time the sale comes around.

If you don’t believe me you can just let my voice ring in your head mocking you every time you see another sale come around. As fun as it sounds you may just want to let my voice ring your head once and hold off on the purchase instead of risking a monthly visit.

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