How I eat my bacon on this Saturday morning


Welcome to our month long buy less plan! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

Day: 7

Product: Guess what I just did. You never will because it’s against what I stand for.

I just ate my breakfast out of a bacon bowl. No, I don’t stand against bacon (I LOVE bacon!) I stand against the specialty kitchen product that you buy to MAKE a bowl out of bacon.

And after eating such a breakfast, I am only more confident in my stance. Don’t ever buy a bacon bowl maker.


It’s a pretty safe bet that if a product comes with a cheesy commercial that it’s not worth it. No matter how many extras get thrown in.

It can be really difficult to find your specific sweet spot when it comes to specialty kitchen products. I know people who love and stand behind and use daily their juicers or bread makers. But other people never use such a product and are fine without them or maybe they even HAVE a juicer or a bread maker that they should really pass on to someone else.

And that’s the key. If it’s not something you use regularly and really love, you shouldn’t have it. It’s really best if you never buy it in the first place. It’s a lot easier to not deal with it in the first place than get it, store it, and shuffle your cupboard space around it until you decide to find a way to unload it from your cluttered life.

The trick is to live without something as long as you can. If it comes back to you again and again that your life would be simplified with such a product, then you will really be fulfilled when you finally get it.

In the interim you may find that you are really good at thinking outside of the box. If you can make those homemade noodles by hand, it may take extra time, but you’ll have some genuinely earned bragging rights!

You may just find that you don’t need a specialty product. That’s good because there is a line that we each have. The line where the products go from providing extra help to just providing extra clutter. Don’t cross that line!

I realized that those bacon bowl makers crossed that line (easily.)

Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t buy them. They were being thrown out– headed squarely for the landfill. We used them once (something fun to do on a Saturday morning) and we are now separating the packaging and product so what can be recycled will be. We’re not even going to try and get these to someone else who can use them. No one can use these. Aye, aye, aye. What junk will they think of to peddle next?

Reason to buy less: One day your mother-in-law is going to come for a visit. Do you really want her to open a closet and find it in its current state?

Suggestion: One of the easiest ways to limit extra shopping is to just not go into a store. You may think I’m having a laugh (everyone has to shop sometime, Mrs. WW!) but there are people that pull this tip off really well.

It’s amazing what we can get online anymore. It’s also amazing at how advertisers cannot seem to pull off their tricks quite as effectively on the internet as they can in a physical store.

If you don’t see it in the store, you may not ever know that you “need” it and may live without ever getting it!

Shopping online is also helpful to cut out the instant gratification which often overrides our sensibilities. You may only want it if you can have it right now (which, admit it, means you don’t really need it anyway.) Or you may decided you don’t need an item or have discovered a different way to meet your need by the time it arrives—which means you can easily send it right back.

Just make your list, find exactly what you want and get just that!

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