Don’t over decorate—it’s not just about decorating your house


Welcome to our month long buy less plan! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

Day: 5

Product: We ladies need to buy less beauty products. This is a 54 billion per year industry. Women spend on average $144 a year on beauty. Yet somehow we all still age (and we women don’t seem to do that much better than men who rarely use beauty products. Have you noticed that?!)

I think your daily cosmetic use is getting a tad out of hand. Maybe you should use a little less.

I think your daily cosmetic use is getting a tad out of hand. Maybe you should use a little less.

There are scandals of product testing on animals. (Have you ever wondered about those companies who don’t test their products on animals? If other companies need to see if a hair gel accidentally causes rabbits to lose all their hair and get a rash, what do they do without rabbits? Do they just wait to see if their customers lose their hair and get a rash?)

There are scandals about what the cosmetic industry is doing to self esteem. (Even Dove, the company known for trying to correct the issue, is under scrutiny for not being honest.)

There are scandals about the plastic beads used in many bath products. (The plastic they use to give us a refreshing feeling are actually soaking up toxins and then hanging out in our drinking water.)

Then there’s the fact that with each product you use it takes you that much longer to get ready in the morning. (Read: Go out and live life. Don’t spend your time in the bathroom.)

We don’t need to coat ourselves with layers of chemicals or dirt (or whatever they put in the all natural products. I do know it’s not natural to have any powder, no matter how natural, all over your face. Just ask a farmer. When they get home from a long day of hard work, they wash it off. They don’t admire their bronze glow. )

You can ignore what the cosmetics companies say (even Dove,) your skin is very good at caring for itself. Just ask a baby, the only products their skin likes are those that are just like water (so tell me, why don’t we just use water?)

What products can you do without? Which ones can you save for special occasions? This is one area where a lot of us can buy less.

Reason to buy less: Your significant other should look into your eyes and not around at your mess. If you have no significant other you may want to try a simpler, cleaner lifestyle so more potential matches will have to look into your eyes.

Suggestion:  Comparison shop EVERYTHING. It is a rare product that isn’t sold cheaper somewhere else or in a week when a sale kicks in (for most stores a sale is almost always around the corner.)

Smartphones have apps for easy comparison shopping. My favorite site to use to comparison shop though is Craigslist. Not often can a store beat a price on an item that needs a new home that can love it properly as it deserves.

Don’t buy anything without first considering if you can find what you need elsewhere for a cheaper price. After a short while you’ll be a frugal champion who is not affected by impulse shopping at all!

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