Have you ever thought about the perceptions of people these days? On one hand, it’s all the rage to be healthy. In order to be healthy the way the world tells you to today, you follow a list of don’ts. Don’t drink sugary drinks, don’t consume artificial sweeteners, don’t take in too much caffeine, don’t drink alcohol. Don’t, don’t, don’t. (And that’s just the drinks.)

Another popular perception is this “You Only Live Once” culture. It seems like they’d be opposite of the “don’t” crowd but somehow “do’s” are still not very popular among them. In this YOLO culture, apparently having only one life means that you should shell out money left and right in order for things to be done for you– but somehow you don’t actually “do” it.

  • Give someone else money for them to mix and bring you a drink. Or a meal. Or both. Over and over again day in and day out.
  • Give someone else money so you can sit and have your butt carted around on heated leather. (I think anyone wanting to have heated leather seats should first test drive a cow.)
  • Give someone else money so they can run around in front of you so you can feel alive yet sitting the whole time yourself. Only rising to your feet if they do something particularly exciting or to yell at the referee if he makes a call against the team you went in on paying for. “I paid to watch this team play because they entertain me and yet you were not nice to them! Why are you making my existence so miserable ref?! I only live once and I want my entertainers to be the best at everything and CERTAINLY not on the short end of the stick when other people show their humanness and make a mistake. Argh! How dare you!”

And after all that, how’s your one life? Let me tell you. It’s poor. It’s dependent on money and when the money is gone you can’t “live.” It’s also full of the opposite of “do.”

Do you know what “do” is the opposite of? Of course “don’t” but it’s also the opposite of “sit.” These YOLOers sit and don’t do anything but pay all their money for things to be done for them.

And the health nuts? They often shell out money too to “don’t.” For example, they “don’t” have gluten. Have you seen what the price for gluten free bread is?!

This is important. I am not against the health nut or the YOLO crowds. I just think they need a little dab of “do” ya.

An important synonym of “do” is “try.” Do enough “try’s” and you get some good solid “do’s”

Did you know you can be healthy just by following some do’s? It’s true! They are not as nearly as popular as the don’ts (don’t carbs, don’t fats, don’t meats, don’t cooks… don’t taste apparently) but they are there.

Did you know you can be very alive by doing? It’s also true! You’re bound to get some strange looks but I dare say that you can effectively gauge how well you are living life by the strange looks you get.

Here are some do’s to try:

  • Make ketchup. From scratch. Be lazy and leave in the seeds and skins. It. Is. Delicious.
  • Race your friend around the block. Laugh when you’re boot comes untied and you have to hop/tie for several feet so you don’t kill yourself. Give your friend a hard time about losing anyway when you beat them to the finish line.
  • Tell the sprouts growing on your kitchen counter how proud you are of them for growing so well and watch how true it is that talking to your plants makes them healthier.
  • Take the dare from your brother to go into the grocery store with a tie tied around your forehead like a ninja and ask the produce manager where the starfruits are so you can make yourself weapons.
  • Discover how edible those dandelions really are that are taking over your yard. The internet is always telling us. Try it out.
  • Go on a romantic bike ride with your significant other. In the rain. (I’ve done it. It was a blast.)
  • Play “Chopped” and, using only the ingredients found in your cabinets, make a gourmet meal. (My friend does this all the time and her children come up with great gluten free recipes. Yes, you read that right. Even kids can “do” without having to buy gluten “don’t” bread.)
  • Read. Read. Read. Reading covers all the “do”ing until you can actually get around to “do”ing it. You learn and you can live in just your brain. It’s awesome.
  • Raise chickens. (Eggstra points if you thank your chickens for how eggselent your omelets are every morning.)
  • Write personal thank you notes to everyone in your address book. By hand. Just for being your friends and family. You may think that for this one the advantage would be in their favor and not yours. You would be wrong.
  • Teach the neighbor kids how to garden.
  • Dance. In the shower. You can’t do many spins or kicks but everyone has their own unique “scrubbing away the dandruff” dance. Find yours.

That is a long list and I could go on and on and on and on. These things are free or nearly free yet all payout big time. They pay out in health and they pay out in life. Don’t be a “don’ter” be a “doer.”Golden energy
For the guy or gal
Whose had a hard hard day
Golden energy
To help you meet the demands
Of an energetic mate
Or a red hot date
Golden energy dripping down on you
Golden energy
Natural aphrodisiac
Golden energy
Working hard to keep yo...

And one more “do.” “Do” forgive me for all of the quotation marks and apostrophes. It looks like I pulled out all my eyelashes in a fit and threw them all over the screen. I’m sure they’re not all right either. Oh well, YOLO. I’m not gonna let it get me down. Now off to the produce section for some starfruit.


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