Eyes wide and a slow, silent gasp


*looks up and notices you there*

Oh, sorry. As you can imagine, I’m having a fine time relaxing after writing every day for a month. In fact, it’s been so great; I’ve found myself lost in this book*.

It’s a biography about a woman who inherits wealth beyond my comprehension and then uses it during her long life to buy up homes she never stays in and becomes a recluse living in a hospital room; never seeing many of her possessions she constantly buys and never seeing the outside; even keeping her shades drawn all the time to keep out the sunlight.

Isn’t that a hoot after my latest writing project of living simply and living well?

I haven’t forgotten about you. Oh no. Often during the book I think of all the people who have stopped by my blog and read my take on things. I compare what you’ve read from me to what I read about this woman.

I hope that the words you read from me inspire you to go out. To enjoy life. To bask in the sunshine. To enjoy friends. To laugh and dance and sing. To do it all without feeling that you need gobs of money or trappings to be able to do it. (Please… wear clothes though.)

I have asked you to write me when we got to the end of our little project. There is still time. (WondrouslyWeird@att.net)  I will chose a recipient of the YNAB license this weekend. Of course you can email me anytime, not just before this weekend. I would be happy to hear of your progress/non-progress/disagreement/whatever.

If you would like to revisit all the things we covered in January the intro is here and the finale with links to every day is here. Feel free to poke around and relive the fun.

*Puts nose back in book.*

*Oh would you like to read this book too? Of course you can borrow it from me! You don’t even have to wait until I’m done. My collection has several copies all over the country. Just go to the library and ask for it. I double-dog dare you to tell them I sent you and said you could borrow it and then watch the confused looks on their faces. Ha!



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