So much stuff left and so little time!


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 29

Objective: Give/trash/donate/sell twenty-nine objects

Definition of “Nature”:  The natural elements (like plants and rocks,) as opposed to unnatural things (like chia plants growing out of the top of a terracotta rock shaped like a Simpsons character.)

Reason: Somewhere in your house is that $5 bill you misplaced.

Suggestion: We’re running out of days! I got a lot of odds and end areas to cover yet so get your running shoes on, here we go!

#1 Anything purchased from an infomercial needs to go. (Or from the store with the big “AS SEEN ON TV!” sticker.) That stuff is notorious for being way too specialized and junky. There’s a reason the people struggling to live without the product in the commercial are so comical. It’s because you really can live without it. Even actors can’t believably act that life would be miserable without it.

#2 Under your kitchen sink. More specifically, all cleaning products. If you don’t actively use it, get rid of it. In fact, after you run out of that chemical cleaning product you do use, I dare you to try and not replace it. It’s amazing how many things can be cleaned with either vinegar or baking soda (or both!) The less chemicals we have around and use the better. When you run into something tough to clean in the future, head to the internet to give you ideas for natural cleaning.

#3 Keys. Do you have keys rolling around that you don’t know what they go to? Just toss ‘em. They must not be that important if you’re not sure. If they are important, you’ll just get a new one made (and promptly properly label it) when you discover your error. You’ll want to do your best to keep as few keys on your everyday key ring as well. All those odds and ends ones should be put away somewhere and not hauled around every day.

#4 Gardening supplies. I doubt you can work two trowels at a time. Well, you can, it just won’t work out well for the plants to try and use them both simultaneously.

#5 Crafts supplies. Crafting is fun. ONLY if you don’t spend half the time looking for that blue fabric you know you had somewhere. If you are going to craft, make sure you have things organized really well and don’t try keeping 10 cubic feet of crafting supplies in a 5 cubic foot space. If you have the space, great. If you don’t, you need to pare down so crafting can be fun.

#6 Gift cards. Sell ‘em. Donate ‘em. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for not using them. Don’t let them get lost. Don’t let them expire. (And try to talk your friends/family into not feeling like they need to give you gifts anymore.)

So are those enough suggestions to get you to 29? That’s only about 4 items per suggestion.


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