Tub or tank?


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 28

Objective: Sell/trash/donate/give twenty-eight objects

Definition of “Overdue”:  A long time in coming. It would have been better if you’d done it before but since it wasn’t done then you better do it now!

Reason: It’s hard to focus on small quiet things when a house full of clutter looms large.

Suggestion: The next area is one that is a little more difficult; but only because you don’t see it very often.   Because of that it should be easy to weed out 28 objects.

Today let’s look in your seasonal decorations. Isn’t it always a source of stress to get all that stuff out every year? All those tubs to haul. All those lights to untangle. All those decorations to dust around for the next month or so. All those tubes of crazy glue to fix all the things that broke. All those tacky items that you feel obligated because it came from someone you love or because you’ve stored it and put it out so many times before so you somehow owe it to the item to display it.

It’s a pain. Is it really worth all of the struggle? I know we’ve been driven so far by the number of the date; but this time I want you to shoot for half. That’s right. Half it. Holidays are not supposed to be driven by how well our house matches the holiday ads.

Sure, a few things are fun and inspirational; but do yourself a favor and release half the pressure.

Since we’re coming to the end and we need higher numbers (and we’re running out of days so I need to double some up) how about you also release another source of stress?

If you have any projects that have been waiting around for your time, say… for longer than six months, then do yourself a favor and take it off the “to do” list.

If you haven’t been inspired to do something with the thing so far, then there is some reason you don’t want to do it. Sure, you might really benefit from completing the project; but, if you haven’t done it, then it’s just a source of stress. We ALL have enough stress in our lives. We don’t need any more reasons to berate ourselves because we can’t keep up with Pintrest.

There will be plenty of other projects vying for your time in the future and many of them will catch your interest and you will want to find time to complete it. If you haven’t completed this particular project then it’s not worth it. Just release it. I give you permission.

Then, when you’re done, sit back and take a deep breath and enjoy the extra time you’ve created for yourself.


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