Time to teach/learn


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 27

Objective: Sell/give/donate/trash twenty-seven objects

Definition of “Freeing”:  Not held back. Disentangled by things that encumber.

Reason: You don’t want any extra reasons for a thief to be in your house longer.

Suggestion: Do you have kids? I bet they’ve been a great help going through your stuff so far. I bet they really enjoy watching you hem and haw over your stuff. I bet they are good at pushing you over the edge when it’s obvious that they don’t understand the attachment you have to the thing in question. I bet they find it funny to watch you squirm. I bet you’d like to do the same to them to get back at them sometime. I bet that day’s today.

If your kids are really young it might be a good idea to do this when they’re not around; but if they are old enough to think at all analytically, then they should use all they’ve learned from watching you the last 26 days to do the majority of the work today. It will be a wonderful time of bonding and learning about the important things in life.

I realize that today may be easier for those with 6 six kids to reach the goal with the suggested area so I’ve saved got another suggestion for you! How about checking your outerwear closet for stuff ready to go? If you don’t regularly put it on to go outside than you should put it out in the car for a trip to be donated. Included things are coats, shoes, and those things knitted for your warmth.

Do you know that there are people who move from an opposite climate? I am reminded of a yard sale where I picked up some great winter gear from someone moving to Wisconsin to Florida. More seriously, there are refugees who move to your climate- from an opposite climate- who have nothing and know no one and need appropriate outer wear. Find a place to donate these things.

Just this last week my own kid did his own decluttering. He got upgraded in boot size. I told him to bring me his own boots so we could get rid of them. “I know where to take them Mom! I can take them to the school. Those kids from Somolia, they need warm clothes. If we take them to school they can give them to someone who needs them.”

So try to keep up with the generous six-year-old. Help them clear out their rooms’ and clear out the outdoor wear.  It can help so many others if you let them use what you are not actively using. Don’t be selfish and don’t be encumbered!


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