Let’s check your drawers


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 25

Objective: Trash/sell/donate/give twenty-five objects

Definition of “trappings”: Oh, this one is too easy.  They’re called TRAPpings for goodness sake. Heck, that’s enough for this one.

Reason: You don’t want to be identified by your things. You want to be known for your personality, your actions, your smile.

Suggestion: Here’s another easy suggestion. Do you have a junk drawer? You know, the one filled with junk. This is an easy one for two reasons.

  1. Since this drawer tends to collect odds and ends, it should be easy to find 25 things that are not enhancing your life.
  2. You can take out the drawer and do this one while you watch a movie or something!

So what’s in your junk drawer? Try moving things around to bring clarity to what’s important. If you keep your junk in a kitchen drawer try switching the things with a drawer in your dining area. It could just give you that added bit of incentive to be intentional about all your possessions, even those as simple as matchbooks.

If you can’t get to 25 in one drawer, try pulling out other drawers from around the house. By the time you’re done today you won’t have to worry about some giant pencil from a gift shop shifting in a drawer so that it won’t open.


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