Don’t get a paper cut. Cut the paper.


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 23

Objective: Sell/give/donate/trash twenty-three objects

Definition of “generosity”: Realizing that your comfort level being at 100% is not more important than everyone else’s needs.

Reason: Contentment. Yes, that’s it. Be content with that reason.

Suggestion: It’s amazing how we can leave an area after sorting through it and come back a few days later and find a bunch more! Today… back to the desk!

I doubt there’s be much giving/donating/selling today so get out the trash can and put a shredder on it because we’re going to tackle papers!

Eye roll. I know.

It won’t be so bad. Getting started is the hardest part and once you’re on a roll you’ll feel so great about your accomplishment, it will override any ‘bleh’ you experience at the beginning.

Let’s work fast here. First let’s try sorting any stacks that are out and about. As quick as you can, go through and toss anything you can.

Now as you file away what you have left, assess those papers you are keeping. (Those already in the file cabinet or box or whatnot.) Do you really need to keep those? Remember, 2014 is now over so it’s a good time to get things tossed.

And DON’T get sucked in and look at all of your kids’ old report cards and “I love you” birthday cards when you put away those memory things. You can come back later if you want. Right now, just throw them in the box and get through the rest of those papers.

A quick internet search will give you a plethora of record retention guides. Nowhere on any of those guides will you find that you ever need to keep an old magazine. Toss, toss, toss!

I know you’ll get more than 23. Great job.


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