How long does it take to die of dehydration once you are thirsty? 2 minutes?


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 22

Objective: Donate/sell/give/gift twenty-two objects

Definition of “excuses”: Your reason for not doing the thing that you know you should do. Beware. If you hear an excuse coming out of your mouth, it usually means that you’re simply building a weak argument to protect yourself against the cognitive dissonance you feel. This is just to keep from having to improve yourself and stay in your current state. Beware the excuses!

Reason: Because MacGyver is cooler than Inspector Gadget. “Go, go gadget tripping hazard!”

Suggestion: This is a personal issue for me. I have a personal hatred of mismatched dishes. More specifically– any plasticy, out of place, hard to store in any way but a jumble in the cabinet dishes. I hate those things so much I somehow raised two boys in this culture using sippy cups for only a few months with each kid. And I never used any of the no spill kind with all those parts that don’t nestle within each other. Seriously. (It must seem totally impossible to some parents. I see that everyone appears to rely on sippy cups, sometimes even after the kid reaches school age.)

But guess what? Sippy cups are a fairly recent invention. The kind you carry around in your bag with you everywhere are even more recent. You don’t need them. You also don’t need plates with separators to keep the baby carrots from touching the chicken nuggets. (They’ll have to learn how to suffer through food touching at some point. Best to get it over with.) You also don’t need special Tupperware with separators to serve veggies/chips and dip in the center. You don’t need anything special to cook bacon/eggs/pasta/etc. in the microwave. Sure, it’s not wrong to actually have any of those things, but at what expense? Where do store that container that’s formed to fit deviled eggs? It certainly is bulky and doesn’t sit inside anything. Did you know you can use a regular dish for serving purposes or for cooking in the microwave?

So how ‘bout it? How many people are in your family? How often do you entertain guests? How about you decide how many people you will feed at once before you break out the paper plates. Now go KILL those kitchen cabinets! All that extra space will be SOOOO nice! You’ll be super fine with transporting those cupcakes on a plate with toothpicks in them to keep the plastic wrap from sticking to the frosting. Because that happens about twice a year and you will be free from the cabinet tangle for 24/7/365.



5 thoughts on “How long does it take to die of dehydration once you are thirsty? 2 minutes?

  1. David

    We do shared water bottles in the summertime when you DO need lots of water. We currently have 4 HydroFlask insulated steel bottles and probably will get a couple more, as with 4 or 5 people all on bikes, sometimes we go through a TON of water and we’re not near a convenient bubbler.

    I actually like mismatched dishes (assuming they’re approximately the same shape). A local friend got me into using Mason jars instead of ‘proper’ drinkware but family keep insisting on giving me more. But yeah, plastic dishes are just gross. We’ve got a few still kicking around because they’re too scratched to donate but they’re functional for what we use them for.


    • There is nothing wrong with mismatched dishes when it’s done correctly! Contentment with whatever is on hand is awesome. Collecting more and more and trying to stuff it all in the cabinet and keep it all (even when a lot of it is obviously sub par to the rest) is just wasteful. But if’ you’re just using what you have and being happy with it, that’s the opposite of wasteful and should be applauded. Way to go!

      One of my bestest friends serves her family drinks out of repurposed jelly jars and the like. Who needs nice glasses? If it’s not you, than don’t waste you’re money on them! (Although if we used Mason jars as glasses we would not be able to drink anything in the fall when we fill them all up with the harvest! But right now I do feel guilty that I have a full set of glasses AND a bunch of empty Mason jars just sitting and waiting for the next canning session. Wasteful.)


  2. Tarynkay

    I am so with you on the sippie cups. They are the worst. I found them so frustrating that we gave them up after just a few months, too. We skipped all of the plastic kid dishes as well. We have a three year old son who loves to destroy things. Yet we recklessly serve him food on regular breakable grownup plates with regular silverware. We put his milk in a glass. He has never broken a dish yet. He even sets the table and carries the plates to the kitchen after meals and he STILL doesn’t break them. I would kind of like nicer plates honestly, so I will not be sad if he does.

    We have other children over for meals frequently and none of the other kids has ever broken any of the dishes either. It makes their parents very nervous, but the kids do just fine.


    • “It makes their parents very nervous,” I know what you mean! It’s odd to see so many parents so sure that their kids can’t handle things. We did have a few broken dishes but mainly because my kids were expected to clear their spots even from a young age. When a two year old tries to lift his cereal bowl above his head to push over the counter’s edge into the sink, there can be a problem if a dish is already in there. (Once we got a dishwasher that problem was solved!) Now, we did have more than our fair share of spills. However, since we only allow drinking at the table or in the kitchen it was always a pretty quick clean up.

      Basically, I am just of the opinion that life can be messy and we should know how to handle it without always taking the easy way out. I think it’s good for kids to be expected to be responsible and to learn that things are doable even if everyone else doesn’t do them. And I like for the kids to feel like they’re part of the family instead of always being set up differently from the adults. I trust them. Sure they may break something now and again accidentally, but I love the kids more than I do the dish so it’s okay. : )

      Sounds like you’re doing a great job portraying that to your little guy.


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