The load of loading


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 21

Objective: Donate/trash/sell/gift twenty-one objects

Definition of “wants”: Anything you don’t need to live. Wants are decadent. Giving into too many wants will make you fat and/or lazy and/or poor and/or overwhelmed and/or unappreciative of the little things.

Reason: A smaller house holds less stuff. A smaller house is cheaper in mortgage/rent payments and in property taxes (which continue on even if your house is paid off,) and in utilities.

Suggestion: It’s another hypothetical situation time! Here’s a good way to get inspired to clear out the stuff. Pretend you’re moving. What in your home is simply not worth the struggle of hauling to a new home?

We’ve all moved before. It stinks. We will most likely all move again. Let’s make it easier on ourselves next time. NOW is the time to get rid of the extra stuff. We’ve been at it awhile, but I bet that 21 less things to pack and move will seem like a drop in a bucket.

So get to it! Since you’re “moving” grab and get rid of the most awkward things you can find. Just imagine how much the future you will thank the present you when you don’t have to figure out how to box that thing up when it’s actually moving time!

Edit: I am also reminded as I do this post of a friend who is currently running a drive to collect duffle bags to donate to kids going into foster care. They don’t need the added humiliation of hauling their stuff in trash bags.

I’ve helped foster siblings unload their trash bags. It really is humiliating for them. I have vivid memories of one girl looking so defeated as she pulled her small trash can, with the trash still in it, from the trash bag her dad had stuffed all her belongings into. See a theme? It’s trash. This is not the theme these kids need at this time.

So do you have any dignity, I mean, duffle bags that are not getting full use? How about small suitcases? Donate them to some kids who really could use them. I’m sure you could contact the child protective service department in your area and they’ll take them. Its a win/win. Not only will your move be easier when the time comes; but it will make a kid’s move easier too.


3 thoughts on “The load of loading

  1. Yo" Mama


    I listened to a message titled ‘Appetites’ by Andy Stanley this morning and it reminded me so much of what you have learned and are trying to share here. Do you think God might be trying to tell me something?


    • That’s probably a question for God and not for me. : P

      I’ll have to check out the message. I haven’t heard it. I promise you I am not conspiring with those around you so that when you guys go to move I don’t have to help with so much. If we’re around we’ll help you no matter how much stuff you have. (But my mind does freak out a little thinking about moving all those books one day. Those books! Books are great but they suck to haul around. Maybe we can just leave them there and set up a Five Channels library or something.)


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