It’s all about that base… ment


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 16

Objective: gift/trash sixteen objects (or sell/donate them)

Definition of “room”: Where you do your dancing; whether it’s break dancing in the kitchen, river dancing in the living room, or slow dancing in your walk-in closet. (Note: you always want room available for dancing.)

Reason: Little (or big) allergic noses don’t like things that hold onto dander/dust/pollen/mold particles.

Suggestion: What lurks below? Basements are notorious for collecting items. Strangely enough, most things go down there because they aren’t being actively used. If they’re not being used, why do you still have them?!

Go clear it out. We’ve got 16 things to find today! How about that bowling ball? It’s time to face that the possibilitly of a career as a professional bowler is over, that bowling alleys offer to let you use their balls, and that if you were to find hidden talent you’d want to buy a special ball then commemorating your first perfect game: “October 17, 2019”

Who got you that ____ for Christmas that one year? What? You don’t remember and you’re not even using it anyway? Goodbye ____!

Why is that footbath down here? I know you keep saying you’re going to use it but you never do. Now’s not the time to change your daily habits to all the sudden use all of these things in the basement. Now’s the time to free yourself of these things and free yourself of the guilt associated with them. It’s okay. Your feet get a good enough cleaning in the shower.

Those cans of paint are from the people who lived here before you and you’ve since repainted. Not to mention they’re all dried up. Toss them too.

Now keep it up until you get to sixteen!


3 thoughts on “It’s all about that base… ment

    • So how did it go?! Is it starting to look good down there? I like doing the basement because the pile of stuff I am going to take to Goodwill lives down there. It’s an easy transition from shelf to pile.


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