That game? It was dumb.


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 9

Objective: sell/trash/donate/gift nine objects.

Definition of “minimalism”: Paring down your environment to learn to be content with less.

Reason: What if your brother needs somewhere to live? He may be okay living amongst boxes of who knows what in the basement but why make him compete with your who knows what? Isn’t he more important than that?

Suggestion: Check out your computer supplies for programs. You don’t need that Mac/Windows installation disk for your printer when your computer is a Windows/Mac. Plus, pretty much anything is downloadable nowadays. Let the internet store it for you. You can also toss all those floppy disks.

For bonus points you could even spend a half an hour or so (not too much, we’re not trying to suck away the day here) decluttering your computer. Purge old programs that are on your computer. Then dump the recycle bin and the cookies and all that jazz. The run a de-frag and your computer will thank you sooo much. Computers like to live minimalistically too.

You may be wondering why my blog, which is supposed to focus on personal finance, has been all about clearing out the stuff lately. Well this is why.

This month of decluttering will give you a good first step to easily move into good financial change. It may seem weird that it makes such a difference but it does. It really does. It changes your perspective and it’s wonderful and makes the other changes so much easier. And it’s not just me. Go read the link above and if you really want proof, you could find you dozens of others.

So are you excited yet? We’re building the muscles now so that by the time you finally start you can really move!


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