This caper involves the robbing of your space


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 8

Objective: trash/sell/donate/gift eight objects.

Definition of “decluttering”: The action of clearing an area of all extra and unnecessary objects.

Reason: “Out of sight, out of mind” is true. How are you going to even know what items you have if they are too cluttered? Don’t risk buying that outlet splitter a third time just because you forgot you had the first two.

Suggestion: What food can you declutter? If you don’t have a specific plan for it and it’s not something in your normal food rotation, just take it to the local food bank instead of foolin’ around with it. As someone who has been on the recipient end of a food donation, I can say that those in need can appreciate that can of coconut milk much more than you can.

Don’t forget things you can toss too. Check the fridge’s door. I once made a meal with capers. It was good but not fantastic. I had the other half of the jar of capers in my refrigerator for WAY too long until I gave up on them. Just think, if you toss those unused things now, you never have to look at and feel guilty about not eating them again.


5 thoughts on “This caper involves the robbing of your space

  1. When I did the 30 day challenge this past summer, I also cleaned up my diet and got rid of all processed food… i.e. donated to a food drive, like you recommend. Now, my cupboards are bare and I LOVE it!


    • This reminds me of my friend, Linda. When multiple food allergies forced her to reevaluate her diet and change to a wonderfully simple and non-processed ingredient list for all her foods, her cupboards (as expected) changed a lot. I love looking into her fridge. It’s beautiful. Not only has her new diet made her a healthier person, it’s transformed her kitchen for the better.

      With all the the choices and packages that come with processed food- comes mess. It’s often easier to just buy something else or order out even than to actually make a meal out of the mess. It then ends up being bad for our space, bodies, AND wallets.


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