Things are going swimmingly!


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 7

Objective: Get rid of seven objects by trashing/gifting/donating/selling

Definition of ‘seven’: The number goal of objects for this day. Count does not include regular everyday trash or multiple pieces of an item counted separately.

Reason: One day your mother-in-law is going to come for a visit. Do you really want her to open a closet and find it in its current state?

Suggestion: Try searching your pet supplies. Sure, not every house is like ours, but don’t most houses have an extra fishbowl lying around from that goldfish won at the carnival that lived a whole two weeks but somehow had accumulated a whole box worth of supplies?

Any pet supplies for a pet you no longer have is an easy target. Zero in and blast it. But not really, that would be a mess. Put it neatly in your “to get rid of” area.


3 thoughts on “Things are going swimmingly!

  1. First thought: “But I’ve had my pet dog Max just over a year. Surely I don’t have things I should get rid of” . . . but when I went to feed him and remembered that, there in his food bin, sits that “extra” plastic food dish — the super cheap one I purchased on a trip when I’d forgot to take his travel dish, I reconsidered. Why do I keep it in his food bin and have to scoot it out of my way twice a day when he already has a set in the kitchen and a set in his travel bag? I don’t know! So . . . out to the give-away pile! Then Max brought his soft sunshine toy downstairs and chewed it til the squeaker was ready to fall out. Out to the trash! I don’t s’pose I can count his shed hair that I threw out . . .So I did have to find 5 more items. But that was easy — in my teaching and office storage drawers. Thanks, Emily! After 15 years of non-use, I figured I must not need those cassette tapes of poor quality poetry reading from a 5th grade book . . .


    • Well, I hope you had a few extra cassette tapes to put toward today’s toss. I have a feeling that the food and kitchen area will be even more difficult for you to find clutter than your pet supplies. ; )

      And high paw to Max for helping with the decluttering! Who’s a good doggy? He’s a good doggy!


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