Decluttering is not just for your house (wait, again?)


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 6

Objective: Get rid of six objects by trashing/selling/donating/gifting

Definition of ‘gifting’: Give it to someone who can actually USE it.

Reason: You don’t want to have to try to unload it later when everyone else is. (For an examples think of any old technology or the movie Titanic– every thrift store has 7 VHS copies of that thing.)

Suggestion: For six items try heading out to your car. (Yes, your car counts too.) Really, most people can just open the glove box, blindly grab a handful, and be done with this mission. This may be a good opportunity though to be a little more thoughtful.

Do you realize that a cluttered car can even be dangerous? I was once asleep in a car riding back from a long, fun day at an amusement park. When the dozy driver misunderstood the construction signs and Dukes of Hazarded the car off the paved road into a sandy pit ready for repaving, I got beaned by a flying umbrella stroller.*

No, that’s NOT the reason my thinking is a little strange, thank you very much.

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of a nearly empty car. (I say nearly because car seats for any kids shorter than 4 feet 9 inches have to stay.) Now open your eyes and get it there! Used up air fresheners? Napkins from every fast food place between here and your last vacation place? Garbage is notorious for hanging out in a car. Get rid of ALL of it.


Everything I’ve said so far has been done with a heavy dose of fun. If you are really serious (and I do mean REALLY serious) about living more minimalistically, consider decluttering your car. No, not the way it’s mentioned above. I mean decluttering your CAR. The less vehicles you have (when done intentionally) the more freedom people find themselves with. Can you live without your car? Is your daily commute less than 10 miles? You can totally walk or bike. Most cities have a decent bus or subway system. Just think. If you get rid of the car you don’t have to pay for the insurance. Don’t have to pay for the plates. Don’t have to pay for the gas. Don’t have to pay for the upkeep. Don’t ever have to pay for parking. Don’t risk getting a ticket. Could you do it? I bet you could.

Sell it or even consider donating it. I recommend Teen Challenge. Those people do great things but there are many organizations who will happily take your car off your hands. Any one of them would be happy to take it now since the end of the year rush for tax write offs is over. And you’ll be 11 months ahead of the game for the next tax year.

Are you up for getting serious up in here? Think about it. You got 25 more days in the month.

*For my UK friends: a stroller is a baby buggy.For my American friends: the UK is the United Kingdom- Great Britain and Northern Ireland. For my Australian friends: Friends are mates. For my Spanish friends. No sé yo sólo traduje algo con ayuda de internet.


5 thoughts on “Decluttering is not just for your house (wait, again?)

    • ^^^ See people! Other people can attest that it’s awesome. It’s not just my own ‘beaned with a stroller’ ramblings! Other people agree with my abnormal take on these things!

      Thanks Green Girl for affirming my thoughts on how cool it is to be truly minimalistic. You ARE awesome and you don’t have a car. It can be done!


  1. Tarynkay

    We are friends with a doctor and her husband who is also a doctor. They have three kids and they allow absolutely no loose items in the car. They swear that even a tissue box can become a deadly missile in a crash. I am not even close to that orderly, but it is something to motivate a thorough cleanup.


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