Are you missing your mate?


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 5

Objective: Get rid of five objects by selling/donating/gifting/trashing

Definition of ‘selling’: Let someone else have it in exchange for some moola! (Note: Moola is not considered clutter. Do not declutter moola. If you are worried about the amount of space it takes up, get a bank account with a debit card. There. The too much moola lying around problem is solved.)

Reason: Your significant other should look into your eyes and not around at your mess. If you have no significant other you may want to try a simpler, cleaner lifestyle so more potential matches will have to look into your eyes.

Suggestion:  This one is too easy for you. Go to your laundry room (or whatever area you use for your laundry stuff.) Toss every odd sock that has had its mate missing for longer than a month. That’s gotta be more than five right there!

So how about we count that stack of 73 socks as just one item and look around and find four more things in the laundry room, shall we? Do you have a laundry soap with a scent that your spouse doesn’t like? A shirt with a missing button that you’ve never gotten around to fixing? A stack of cheap hangers that you don’t use because you don’t like but you keep them around on the off chance that a plastic hanger from K-Mart will be just what you need 2 years from now?

Yeah, you should come out of today’s challenge way ahead. Enjoy your cleaner laundry room/area!


3 thoughts on “Are you missing your mate?

  1. Tarynkay

    We do not have any mateless socks. This is because we just wear mismatched socks. Is that terrible to admit? We do, however, have an alarming number of tupperware lids without bottoms and vice versa. So I threw all of those in the recycling bin.


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