Decluttering is not just for your house


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 4

Objective: Get rid of four objects by donating/selling/gifting/trashing

Definition of ‘trashing’: Let the landfill have it.*

Reason: No one needs encyclopedias anymore. The internet has all the stuff and even without the internet the library can hook you up better than any door to door sold encyclopedia set from 50 years ago.

Suggestion: I hope that the weather is holding up for you here in early January because we’re going outside! Go dust (or dig) the snow off of those outdoor decorations that are just more work to care for. You will thank yourself in the spring that you won’t have to mow around it. A few, well placed decorations can be nice but too many are just an eyesore plus the elements are not kind to things anyway so you want to keep your outside stuff to a minimum. I’m sure you can find four things to be free from. Get those gloves on and get to it!

*No, I am not promoting the wastefulness of normal society and I hate the idea of filling up our world with landfills as much, probably even way more, than the next guy. However, once junk has been bought it’s basically a sunk cost. (For those who aren’t familiar with this term it refers to a cost that has already been incurred and which cannot be recovered. Basically you already bought the China produced whatever and thus it already is here, the Chinese have already made more to replace the one purchased and it will end up in a landfill eventually no matter what now.) You will correct this crime against the Earth by purchasing fewer things in the future to slow the filling of landfills. For now, we’re just trying to straighten out where we went wrong in the past. We’ll be better going forward.

Plus, if you’re actually going to toss those encyclopedias I mentioned, the recycle guys will take those. Then it’s a win/win!


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