Whenever you call me. I’ll be there. I’ll be around.


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 3

Objective: Get rid of three objects by donating/selling/trashing/gifting

Definition of ‘donating’: Give it to anyone for free. The most common donation receptacle is any thrift store.

Reason: Once it’s gone you never have to put it away again!

Suggestion: So today is three, huh? You know what I bet you have three of? Phonebooks. Listen carefully. No, really lean in. Are you ready? NO ONE NEEDS PHONEBOOKS ANYMORE! The entire purpose of phonebooks anymore is to: A) employ the phone book making people and B) advertise to you so you buy more stuff. I suggest that you toss all phonebooks this very instant. Please select your reaction to adjust my response:

  1. Okay.
  2. But what if I need a phone number?
  3. But what if my really short cousin stops by and needs to borrow my car and she can’t see over the steering wheel?

Okay, now find the appropriate response by corresponding number:

  1. *High five*
  2. You will do one of so many things. Keep going until you find one that works for you:
    • look it up in the directory in your phone
    • look it up on the internet on your phone
    • look it up on your computer
    • call your friend for the number
    • call information (411 or 555-1212)
    • go to the library and use their internet
    • decide you don’t really need to find someone to reupholster your chair anyway and figure out how to do it yourself like a boss
    • sit in the corner and cry because you don’t know it
  3. Tell Jeanie, “Sure you can use my car but it sits kind of low. Should I lower the steering wheel, do you want to bring your riser pad, or should you sit on this blanket so you don’t get into an accident?”

That was an easy day! See you tomorrow!


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