And bend, and lift, and bend, and toss


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on. (And  coming in in the middle is totally cool.)

Day: 2

Objective: Get rid of two objects by selling/donating/gifting/trashing

Definition of ‘objects’: Any noun in your house that is not a person, place or idea

Reason: When that snake gets loose in the house you’ll want to be able to easily find it. (Less stuff = less snake hiding places.)

Suggestion: Yep, you have to DOUBLE the amount of things you get rid of since yesterday’s goal. “OH, THE HUMANITY!” Geeze, calm down. It’s only two.

Try your exercise equipment. I know, I know—it’s day two of New Year’s resolution time but you don’t need those gadgets cluttering your house to be healthy. Plus, the only day you will ever use the Ab Roller type gadget was yesterday and now that you’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to put it to pasture with all of its other Ab Roller friends at Goodwill. (Oh, so many types of ab exercising equipment there.)

No Ab Roller? Try your lightest set of weights. (Seriously, if you’re ever recovering from some injury where you really need ½ lb. weights you can use a couple water bottles.) Or how about those ridiculous DVD’s you ordered from the convincing TV guy but just makes you feel more gross and flabby as you watch all the scantily clad muscular girls dance around in their perfect workout hair, smiles and not a drop of sweat? (Sure there’s always the one token ‘fat’ girl in the back but she’s not even really fat. She is just wearing a shirt that actually covers her midsection and has a naturally round face.)

Now that I killed your exercise momentum, time to build it back up in a minimalistically friendly way. Two words: Fresh air. It’s super healthy for you, perfectly free, easy to store, always available (unless you live in an oil manufacturing district in the middle east) and will never allow you to declutter it anyway. (Note: don’t try to take all the air out of your home. It is unhealthy and not recommended for this decluttering challenge.) Go outside and walk/run/bike/skip/crab crawl/cartwheel/etc. down the street for 20 minutes. There. You’re healthy without the extra clutter. You’re welcome.

See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “And bend, and lift, and bend, and toss

  1. I totally agree that exercise equipment is not at all necessary. I have one small pair of ankle weights that I can use for arms and legs, and that’s it. I really don’t need them, but I do enjoy them. Getting outside is so important, like you mentioned. Also, other little tricks are to take breaks from the computer or chores and do pushups, planks, squats, jumping jacks or anything else that you find fun.


    • Definitely. We cannot create change of heart and habits by stuff. All we are really getting in the feeling like we accomplished something healthy when we purchase that new item but that is not what actually does anything.

      As you attest to; a clean, simple way of life natually leads to health. Not our ability to guilt ourselves now and again to jump around wildly in front of a screen or flap our wings with some stretchy bands.

      Of course, not everything is always bad (like your ankle weights that you actually use) but so often be do substitute actual action and change for stuff. : (


  2. Linda Hanson

    Abby just helped me do 3 more things for tomorrow and 4 for Sunday because they will be gone. Favorite comment: “wow! It’s not that hard…when it’s not your stuff.” Ha! We will be visiting her room in the coming weeks…my mini hoarder, she is. 🙂

    Thanks for inspiring!



    • Hopefully by the time you hit her room she’ll be on a roll with a decluttering high and it will be easy.

      Although it is always easier with someone else’s eyes to bring you back to reality. Someone to give you a raised eyebrow when you say, “Oh, look at this! I LOVE this! I can’t get rid of this!” Someone to say, “I’ve never seen you use it. How much can you really love it?”


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