Shed the souvenir


Welcome to our daily challenge! Wait! Don’t go away!! Read here to get caught up on what’s going on.

Day: 1

Objective: Get rid of one object by trashing/gifting/donating/selling

Definition of ‘get rid of’: In yo’ house, no mo’

Reason: Minimalism rocks

Suggestion: I know you’ve been eyeing it up since you heard of this project. It really is the perfect thing, that thing that Aunt Harriet brought you home from who knows where. It’s ugly, but you put it out because you love Aunt Harriet (or are at least scared of your mother if she were to learn that you weren’t perfectly gracious to Aunt Harriet.) Well, Aunt Harriet has seen it out and now we need something to kick this party off. Take it now and put it in your, “I’m getting rid of these items” place. Do that wipe/clap motion with your hands then put same hands on your hips. Done.

Now, if Aunt Harriet comes over and sees that aforementioned flummery is missing, feel free to throw me under the bus. “But Aunt Harriet! This lady on the internet told me to! Plus, it was so great it got to be number one. Really, it’s in first place. What an honor!” There. Crisis averted. Even your mom can’t argue with that.

Until tomorrow! Get ready. One day and one day only we will actually have to DOUBLE our number of tosses! Eeek!


7 thoughts on “Shed the souvenir

  1. I’ve made it very clear to my family and husband that I don’t want any physical gifts. I don’t want to feel attached to any ‘thing’ just because it was a gift. I also reciprocate by not getting any physical gifts for anyone else either, unless it is a valuable consumable like food or hand cream.


  2. You make everything so fun . . . and entertaining! Where did you get that sense of humor! Thanks for making this easy, Emily! Btw, is it okay if I get rid of more than one of those kinds of things today? 😉


    • Ha, glad you’re having fun already! Do you have some loving and well meaning people in your life who have gifted you with some questionable stuff? Glad you’ve been inspired to finally be free of the guilt of having them (plural) around!

      And you’ve done such great purging already lately. It’s cool to know that you’re still able to keep up the momentum!


  3. Tarynkay

    My three year old asked me to take one of his books to Goodwill. He has always thought it was too scary and I think he just really wanted it out of the house completely. He said, “A lady will go to Goodwill and her will see this book and her will say ‘oh, I am SO SO happy!”

    Anyhow, I thought that was a good way to think about it. When I am on the fence about keeping something, I think about someone finding this thing at Goodwill and loving it so much more than I can.


    • That is great! Sometimes it takes a three-year-old to bring the wisdom. You are so blessed to have him around to teach you. : )

      It is good to realize that with a lot of stuff it’s more of a redistribution proceedure to make sure that everyone makes the most out of everything. We don’t really want the stuff to be gone. We just want it all to be really appreciated.

      I bet someone did/will love that book and definitely more than you son has! *High five!*


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