The BIG declutter: Because living small is living large


Are you guys ready for 31 days of pure household fun?! Well, maybe I’m overselling again, but I know two things:

  1. It’s funner than a lot of household tasks and
  2. It’s funner than most other New Year’s resolutions you’re taking on now too.

And YES I know funner is not a word. Let me be me in my funly way. I am thanker than you realize.

RULES: There are no set in stone rules. Follow along in a way that works for you. If you want to count, count. If you just want to use this as incentive to purge, then my all means don’t stop once you hit the daily number so you have enough for future days. If you just want to read and toss when you feel like it, do that. I am not going to send someone to your house to frown at you if you’re doing poorly or test you for being on the ‘roids if you’re doing too well. (Note: Please do not take performance enhancing drugs to do well on this challenge. Mainly because… well, they wouldn’t at all help. We’re not trying to declutter your testicles for goodness sake.)

Objective: Our objective is always to live in a simpler way in order to bring about a freer way of life. Everyone is different. Some people might really be fulfilled by having a certain collection or possession and so it may not be the best for them to get rid of them/it. I do challenge everyone to push your expected boundaries. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Definition: Every day I’ll bring you a different word to contemplate in regards to our challenge. The first few days are pretty simple. They get a little goofier as time goes on.

Reason: There are way more than 31 reasons to live a simpler life. I hope the daily reasons I bring to your attention get you thinking. (And inspired to keep going!)

Suggestion: This daily section is just a suggestion. You can go through your house however you see fit but sometimes it is helpful to have someone point you to a place to start (or continue.) There are also WAY more than 31 areas to tackle. If you find me listing an area you don’t have, then just go somewhere else! No worries!

Prize: I am very excited to have our small group of people doing this together. No matter how you’ve done, no matter when you’ve started, I want everyone to email me at the end at and tell me how this challenged affected you. (Or email me anytime, really. I am more than willing to give one on one encouragement if you like!)

I will pick the best response based on… well, based on whatever I decide at the end! Maybe someone will just kick it out of the park and run circles with their purging and rid themselves of three times the amount of stuff that the challenge calls for. Maybe someone will not get rid of much but use their excess to set up someone in need. Maybe someone will just tell me hilarious stories of how they failed. Just email me what happened and I will pick someone to receive a license of the best budgeting software out there– YNAB! I already bought it, all ready to go, so maybe I can bless you by it.

Conclusion: Thanks for joining the challenge or just for reading along. It should be a hootin’ hollerin’ good time. In the end we will all be a little lighter and a little freer and a little more connected to each other– and less dependent on our stuff. It’ll be great!

20 thoughts on “The BIG declutter: Because living small is living large

    • Those basements are so notorious for snagging so many things!

      And thanks for your comment. Because of it we discovered that we needed to teach the boys a new vocabulary word. Apparently they didn’t know what ‘lurking’ means!

      Hope your new year is going along swimmingly so far!


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