Should I move this candelabra?


Moving. No, we’re not moving but we’ve had several friends who have recently moved. And we’ve moved before. And if you’ve ever moved you know what I’m talking about.

Moving sucks.

Everyone, guaranteed, says at some point in the moving process one or more of these things:

  • “How did we get so much stuff?”
  • “Why are we moving this again? Didn’t we move this last time but haven’t even used it? Wait, what is it even?!” 
  • “Can’t we just leave it all and get new stuff? Please?” 
  • “Who packed the toilet brush on top of my toothbrush?!”
    Well, maybe not the last one–I hope–for your sake.


We all know that when it comes time to move we’ll want to deal with less stuff. That extra whatever you got at Target super cheap because you loved how cute it was, will no longer look cute. You will see and judge it by its weight, shape and number of inconvenient pieces.

So why wait until it’s time to move? Moving is stressful enough with the new everything to get used to. If you pare down now, it’s less to deal with then. And less to be angry with yourself about then.

Don’t let your future self be angry at your now self for holding onto stuff that’s only trivially useful. Get rid of it now.

[This post was written awhile ago but I find it funny that it falls to post on Black Friday of all days.

I really should do a Black Friday post about decluttering. Eh, next year.

For now, just remember that whatever you get, either as a good deal on Black Friday or as a gift that someone got you from Black Friday, will have to be moved one day.

Look at that thing and think about fitting it in a box and carrying it with loads of other things.

Sorry to ruin it for you.

Just remember, re-gifting or returning is okay. They don’t give you gifts to encumber you. I already covered this. Believe me. It’s okay.]

So, have you ever found yourself in the middle of a move with a sudden urge to have decluttered on some previous day? Time travel to the past hasn’t yet been invented. Time travel to the future can be a pretty good guess. What do you think you’ll feel on that moving day?


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