Stuff in the closet or stuff in the wallet?


So those who know me at all (or have visited this blog more than twice) are probably surprised that it took me this long to get to this benefit of living a decluttered life.

Ready? Drumroll please… it’s nicer on your budget!

That’s right folks! ‘Tis true. The less you have the less you have to SPEND on it. After the original purge it means less to care for and going forward with this thinking it means less purchases of new stuff.

I went into Dollar General yesterday. I had a list of four things: Chewable Tylenol, toilet paper, batteries and canned dog food.

But wouldn’t you know it, right inside the door, as soon as I walked in, were these pretty baskets for 70% off.

sale signs

That’s right, 70%!

There was a nice sign there that showed me the math. I saw how great a deal it was. I instantly started trying to find a way to justify buying a basket. I looked through all the sizes trying to imagine different things in them. I considered buying one of each size just to have on hand when I had a basket need arise. I WANTED these baskets. It wouldn’t be wasteful, it would even be SMART to buy them at such a deal, I told myself.

But then I thought of my newly spacious house. I thought of taking these baskets in and filling up the extra space and then filling the baskets with even more stuff after I had worked so hard to pare down.

lots of baskets

So, surprise, surprise, I didn’t get them. And that means that I left with my intended purchases and my wallet was happy.*

And here’s the thing. (That I can see clearly once I’m out of the dizzying attraction of the store shelves and signage.) If I ever do need a basket, I can go to Goodwill anytime and find several baskets that would work that would be cheaper than those in Dollar General even at their great deal. I choose to let Goodwill do the storage for me AND save me money.

Thanks Goodwill!

*Full disclosure. I did get one thing that wasn’t on my list: a bag of chips. Yes, I need to work harder at decluttering my hips too. Yesterday, a fail. Tomorrow, another chance.

photo credit: <a href=””>Mathew Fisher</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

photo credit: <a href=””>Hey Paul</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;


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