Do you like my stuff? Do you want to care for it? Please?


My last decluttering post focused on how or stuff is a burden to our loved ones after our death. But it’s not just a burden when you die. It’s a burden right now.

We all know it.

When we look around our houses we actually feel burdened with our stuff.

Everything we have has to be stored, cleaned, repaired and requires upkeep. It’s draining. We buy stuff for the few moments of satisfaction we get when we bring it home. But for the rest of the life of most things? it’s a drag.

Like my hammock and freestanding frame. I love my hammock. I got it for a gift and do enjoy it from time to time and so do the kids. But it has to be disassembled and stored in the winter. It has to be moved when we mow the lawn. And right now it is unusable because the strings are breaking. Now I have to look at it out in the yard and feel guilty because I can’t use it and have to try to either repair (took that approach too many times, I think. No amount of knots will help it now) or replace it. I actually feel terrible every time I look at it now. (And I still have to mow around it.)

Hammock butt

Why do we do this to ourselves? It may be a little pain now to let go of stuff but it frees up the pain of later having to care for it, store it, or feel guilty for not using it.

What’s your biggest complaint in dealing with your possessions? Do you ever notice yourself feeling burdened by your abundance?


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